Honda Motorcycles 1978: A Look Back In Time

1978 Honda CX500 F282 Las Vegas 2016
1978 Honda CX500 F282 Las Vegas 2016 from

The Year 1978 for Honda Motorcycles

In 1978, Honda Motorcycles was a major player in the motorcycle industry. The company was known for its reliable and powerful motorcycles, catering to both the professional and the casual rider. This year was no different, as Honda released several new models, including the CB750F and the CX500. These bikes were highly sought after by riders at the time and remain popular today among vintage motorcycle enthusiasts.

The Honda CB750F

The CB750F was one of the most successful motorcycles of the year. It was a sporty and powerful bike, featuring a 748cc engine that produced 77 horsepower. The CB750F was also known for its sleek design, which included a four-into-one exhaust system and a low profile fuel tank. This bike was perfect for riders who wanted speed and power while still maintaining a stylish look.

The Honda CX500

The CX500 was another popular model released in 1978. This bike was designed for touring, featuring a comfortable seat and a smooth ride. The CX500 had a 497cc liquid-cooled engine that produced 50 horsepower, making it a reliable and efficient bike for long rides. This model was also known for its advanced features, such as the electronic ignition and the front disc brake.

Why Honda Motorcycles 1978 are Still Popular Today

Even though these bikes were released over 40 years ago, they still remain popular today. This is due to several reasons, including their reliability, style, and performance. Honda Motorcycles was known for producing high-quality bikes that could last for years with proper maintenance. Additionally, the vintage look of these bikes has become increasingly popular among riders, making them a sought after item.

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Tips for Owning a Honda Motorcycle 1978

If you are lucky enough to own a Honda Motorcycle from 1978, there are a few tips you should follow to keep it in top condition. First, make sure you perform regular maintenance, such as oil changes and tire rotations. Second, store your bike in a dry and secure location to prevent rust and damage. Finally, consider upgrading some of the parts, such as the brakes or the suspension, to improve performance and safety.


Honda Motorcycles 1978 were a significant part of the motorcycle industry, and their impact can still be felt today. These bikes were known for their style, performance, and reliability, making them highly sought after by riders. If you are a vintage motorcycle enthusiast, consider adding a Honda Motorcycle from 1978 to your collection. With proper maintenance and care, these bikes can last for decades and continue to provide an enjoyable riding experience.

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